Bail Applications

Watsons - Acknowleged as a leading Australian criminal defence law firm, based in Sydney.
  • Preparation of bail applications - Local Court, Supreme Court, and pending appeal.
  • Obtaining evidence of bail security, calling of witnesses.
  • Implementing security for bail eg. mortgages.

The nature of many charges will cause the client to be taken into custody, with bail initially refused at the police station and later opposed at Court. The client's prospects of retaining liberty can be considerably improved by skilful management and assertion of the client's rights in the period immediately after arrest and by effective preparation and presentation of a bail application.

A Bail Application is not a routine matter. It is the very first step the client will take in a lengthy battle to protect his or her freedom and rights. A client's ability to be effective in the defence strategy can be significantly impacted if he or she is held in custody.

Being detained in custody pending trial, is not only disruptive to personal relationships, employment and support of dependents, it is considerably more difficult to communicate with lawyers and to access critical information as the ability to use computers is very resticted or impossible alltogether. So while there is a presumption of innocence the client is treated as if already guilty.

This is where Watsons, with our decades of experience, can help plan the best course of action right from the start, to ensure the most favourable outcome. We study the prosecution's allegations and the charges, including relevant background material and community ties, the ability of the client and/or family to provide bail security as well as other issues that may effect the ability to obtain bail in terms that can be met. We then present a carefully prepared bail application with the objective of securing the client's immediate freedom on bail without jeopardising defence options.

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