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Watsons - Acknowleged as a leading Australian criminal defence law firm, based in Sydney.

If you are being investigated or have been arrested for any type of criminal offence, it is very possible that you will be required to face some serious charges and if you are convicted of these charges, some harsh penalties may ensue, including lengthy periods of imprisonment.

The best course of action in such a devastating situation, is to retain professional and dynamic representation from a highly skilled and experienced criminal defence team, whereby the chances of securing a successful resolution to your case is dramatically increased.

In team with Watsons Criminal Defence Lawyers you will be not have to face such difficult situation alone. From the outset Watsons will advise you on the best options and strategies to vigorously challenge your charges where appropriate, or to achieve the most favourable outcome on sentence. Watsons acts as soon as retained to prepare and advance your interests by identifying the issues in the case, and ensuring that evidence is obtained, analysed and preserved in readiness to answer the charge(s). Through full and open communication we ensure that our client(s) understand the issues and knows what needs to be done to mount a defence, or to achieve the best overall outcome.

To view or download a copy of the Watson's Costs Disclosure and Retainer Agreement please click here.

Client Liason and Advice

As soon as retained Watsons will;

  • Arrange retainer for representation.
  • Establish facts.
  • Analyse legal issues.
  • Advise the client.
  • Obtain evidence from client and witnesses.
  • Report developments.
  • Visit clients in custody.

All clients wish to be kept informed and to be consulted on a regular and timely basis. They wish to understand what to expect in order to prepare for the running of the case and possible outcomes. We are committed to fostering communication and we encourage our client's to contact us whenever necessary. We report to clients by methods most suitable to the clients needs, either electronically, in person, by telephone or by letter.

Throughout the case Watsons will;

  • Maintain client liason and provide advice.
  • Inform clients of developments in their case and the law.
  • Communicate with clients by telephone calls, emails and letters.

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